Scheme TypeTrail-1st YearTrail 2nd Year onwards
Overnight and Liquid Funds0.02% – 0.25%0.02% – 0.25%
Money Market, Ultra Short, Low Duration Funds0.03% – 0.90%0.03% – 0.90%
Short, Medium, Long, Dynamic Duration & Credit Risk Funds0.05% – 1.40%0.05% – 1.20%
Banking & PSU Debt Funds, Corporate Bond & Gilt Funds0.10% – 1.15%0.10% – 0.95%
Fixed Matuirty Plans0.05% – 0.10%0.02% – 0.05%
Hybrid Debt, Hybrid Solutions & Fund of Funds0.10% – 1.70%0.10% – 1.70%
Gold Funds0.07 – 0.40%0.07% – 0.40%
Equity, Hybrid Equity, ELSS, Equity Savings Fund0.35% – 1.80%0.35% – 1.75%
Index Funds0.02% – 0.50%0.02% – 0.50%
Arbitrage Funds0.25% – 0.70%0.25% – 0.70%

Sarsa Financial Advisory Services Ltd. could also get reimbursements towards promotion and marketing related activities conducted by Sarsa Financial Advisory Services Ltd on behalf of AMCs. These reimbursements are event based and the same may or may not be received from AMCs in a particular period. Further, since such activities may be carried out at AMC level, reimbursement amount received cannot be attributed to any specific scheme being offered by such AMC.

Details of Scheme level commission on Mutual funds are available with the Relationship Managers and would be produced on demand.

This is on a best effort basis and rates are updated as and when actual rates are received from AMCs.

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